As an important part of HoloLens and depth-sensing camera is set just above the HoloLens, of course, this camera is actually no different from the Kinect camera, however, because its mounted on the helmet, power consumption is a must to solve the problem, but Microsoft’s engineers were able to keep power loss to a Kinect camera required power consumption of the one-tenth.

Microsoft HoloLens brings high-definition holograms to life in your world

To know that Microsoft is not normally involved in the hardware part and chip design, HoloLens project, Microsoft spent a lot of energy on research and development in the camera, so that the camera can clearly identify whether the operator’s hands, and this is a left hand or right hand.

Microsoft HoloLens is made up of specialized components

HoloLens of Board also was impression deep, its no enough of space to accommodate similar Yu notebook computer built-in of Board, more alone is powerful of desktop game PC level of Board, but Microsoft just will all need of equipment are plug into has this block special of micro Board Shang, CPU, and GPU, and memory, and WIFI module and Bluetooth module, everything, certainly also has general computer Shang no of equipment, holographic processing unit HPU.

Microsoft said the existing CPU and GPU, and unable to meet the requirement of holographic projection device and holographic processing unit HPU joined Microsoft’s proposed solution to this. HPU can handle a lot of hard work, CPU and GPU are only responsible for the launcher and display holographic images, HPU real-time data from sensors and cameras, which ensure that all gestures can respond quickly.

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