To install Windows 10 on your own PC and Mac, and I do not think a few people have experience of buying a Windows 10 OS alone, you know that a lot of Non-Retail products are circulated.

This time I will post about the characteristics of the non-genuine product and how to distinguish it from a genuine product.

At first

The Windows 10 package contains a product key, but the installation of the product is the first time that you enter the key when you install the OS and the validity is verified (authenticated).

There are two types of products: the type that comes with the USB flash memory that contains the Windows 10 data to be installed, the product comes with only the product key, and the type that downloads the Windows image.

You cannot install the product unless you are authenticated by entering a valid product key. Therefore, I would like to make sure that the product key that comes with the product is the most important point when it is Windows 10 to distinguish between genuine and non-regular products.

Non-Retail Versions

In a word “Non-Retail” there are several types of Non-Retail Windows products to be circulated in general, ① OEM version, ② Volume license, it is classified as a ③ bootleg, the details below will be described below.

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Windows 10 Home CD-KEY Global (32/64 Bit)

Type of Windows 10 non-regular version

  • OEM version
  • Volume Licensing
  • Pirated

Windows 10 OEM Version/Key

The OEM version of Microsoft products is “a product that can be installed only on a single PC,” says Windowsos, the OS installed from the beginning on a new computer.

The OEM (Windows 10 OEM Product Key) will only be sold to PC manufacturers from Microsoft, and the PCs that are installed will be sold to us as their products, so it will not be sold to the general public on a single OEM basis.

However, there is a case that some of my own PC manufacturers will be able to market only this OEM version of the OS without installing on their own machines, and we will be able to broker a trader who sells it in a bargain, and it passes to the hand of the general user.

Windows 10 OEM Key Features

  • Basically you can install and use without problems
  • If the product key has been authenticated on another computer, it cannot be installed.
  • It is not possible to install it except the PC which I installed once.

Windows 10 OEM vs RETAIL Key Difference

There is no difference between the regular version and the functional side even if the OEM version, but it can be used without problems if the product is not installed on any PC, OEM version can be used only on one PC because there is a premise,

It is impossible to uninstall the OS from the first computer installed and install it on another computer. Also, not to mention that you can’t install Windows on any other computer using an OEM product key that’s already installed on your existing PC, so it’s not a bad product key to be sold. ” It is the current situation that the problem that it is not possible to install the purchased one is generated on a daily basis.

Windows 10 Volume Licensing

A Windows product that can be installed on multiple computers with a single product key is called a volume license, but it can be installed on 10 to 100 PCs with a single key, and many companies and schools

It is used in government offices. There are cases in which surplus licenses flow to the general market, such as OEM versions that do not allow for general sales, but are used only in 70 units, for example, when they can be installed on 100.

Microsoft is also making a hand in unfair distribution. There is not a difference in the function compared with the regular version as well as the OEM version here, but there is a case that the product key is invalidated by Microsoft when it is found that a volume license is being used unfairly.

The key will also expire in the event that a company that has the right to use it goes bankrupt. Therefore, it is not possible to deny the possibility that the windows that had been used without problems suddenly become unusable one day, and it is preferable to respond immediately if the purchased product is a volume license, requesting the return.

Volume Licensing Features

  • Basically you can install and use without problems
  • May suddenly become unavailable

Pirated version of Windows OS

It is a counterfeit product of Microsoft, and it is pirated to say “complete fake”, but it is a feature that the package and the mount that the license key are described have been finely reproduced.

At this level, the level of Microsoft license violations, as well as the complete misconduct and criminal activity, does not compare to selling OEM or volume licenses.

Of course, it is not possible to install Windows without being able to pass authentication by using the key because it is likely to contain the product key which is suitably combined in the pirate.

Pirated features

  • cannot be installed or used
  • A complete criminal act

How to check

The best way to see if your Windows 10 is genuine or non-regular is to contact Microsoft directly.

I also try to make sure that every time I purchase the Windows OS alone, I can get a quick look at the validity of the key and the status of the license by simply conveying the product key to the phone support, so there’s no hassle whatsoever.

It is a big problem to be solved even for Microsoft to be able to hit a non-genuine product, and, of course, because it has various information, it might be able to advise it in various ways such as a malicious trick and prevention.

If you fairness this current situation in which non-genuine goods are circulated as normal, those who purchased Windows 10 from a shop other than Microsoft or a major consumer electronics store will contact support once, It is a good idea to check the product key status of your product.

How to install & activate Windows 10 with a valid product key

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