I have just been made aware of the great price search engine in the Office licenses (Office 2016 license – since this is not a subscription) to the buy office 2016 product key store from the dealer softcore and to other ebay offer, the licenses are partly available for real dumping prices.

The question is how serious these offers are, whether you get an unused, legal key, which you can register with Microsoft for example.

Did someone experience this?

That is why I am also interested in home and business because it is to some extent already used in the commercial sector. … send me a bit of private emails via outlook would not have bothered me to take a little tool to activate….

And there I see the problem, in the “seriousness” you would have to prove somehow, whether you have a license, etc.

The product keys can be activated (almost) all via Microsoft. They are most volume licenses, which are then sold separately.
Legal basis for this: https://www.windows1024.com/microsoft-office-2016

Office Professional Plus 2016 ( Product key + Download )

Office Professional Plus 2016 ( Product key + Download )

In the worst case Microsoft disables the keys because they were used too often/published, but even then, you still have a legal copy

So as long as I buy a license (key) with Bill, am I on the safe side?

The court order is referred to in almost every offer.

Let’s say I buy a key from one of the stores, such as on Rakuten at a commercial retailer, this is referred to as unused, original, legal, whatever I use accordingly… office 2016 product key purchase, then the key (probably not) is from a said tool-whichever is meant-so I’m on the safe side…?

You are only safe if you buy an original key from Ms directly. Anything else could be “faked”, especially if the price is extremely low.

In the case of trade, I would rather use the tool or simply Linux. You have to consider how likely a serious case is.

But you can also copy the costs over 3 years…

Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac ( Product key + Download )

Office Home & Student 2016 for Mac ( Product key + Download )

Also individually sold VL-keys are gladly disabled by MS, even calls at Ms lead to nothing, even if you have finally found the competent body.

This is what happens with 4 computers. We had XP installed, and when we wanted to re-activate MS office a few months later under Win 7, it was. (_;)

Wouldn’t that be nice? Of course not. However, any claims may be passed on to the trader in principle. Only if it behaves better to its customers than to its (alleged) suppliers?

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